The Lazy Holder - 360° Flexible Table Phone Stand

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Use this phone holder ANYWHERE to easily and worry-free hold your phone Stable while working, cooking, or just laying in bed, and enjoying a movie on your phone. all hands-free and with an adjustable angle.

Lazy desktop mount

This phone mount lets you easily with one quick move attach it to any dest, or practically any hard surface with a strong spring which is stretched to keep in in place while you work, cook, or relax.

Watch movies/videos, Listen to music

in the bed or on the desk without holding your phone or tablet. It's always the same, when you try to watch a movie in bed you might be holding your phone in your hand, and then giving up, because there is only so much time you can hold it before fatiguing. With the 'Lazy Mount' you can attach it to any thin surface and enjoy a movie/series/music, all hands-free and without the phone moving even an inch.

Flexible arm for different angle and distance

The flexible arm, which is like an extra hand holding your device steadily for you, lets you set up your phone on any angle, height, or distance, 360° round. you can adjust it in what-ever way you think is comfortable at any moment.

Compatible for all phones and tablets size from 4-10.6inch (10cm - 27cm)

Pipe Material: PVC flexible pipe
Color: white, black
Pipe Length: 27.5 inch = 70cm.
Clip width: 65mm(can be stretched to 180mm)
Compatible for all tablet size from 4-10.6inch
Item Weight: 239.35g