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A phone holder That fits in your wallet like a credit card.

The famous game-changer in the industry is finally here, and we in the Case Empire are proud to be offering you this simple, lightweight, piece of tech. 

The phone holder is made of carbon fiber, an extremely durable material, which is sturdy, reliable and can be used for a long time.

The angel of the phone viewing can be adjusted at 180 degrees - Can be free assembled to support different phone size and it also can support a horizontal screen and vertical screen viewing.


adjustable angle phone holder

  • Carbon Fiber Material - The device's skeleton is tough and rigid, allowing you to carry in around worry-free in your wallet or in your pocket. It will withstand falls and bumps and will serve you for a long time.
  • Soft TPU Contact - The contact with the phone, and with the moving parts is covered with a soft TPU (thermoplastic-polymer) - a top-quality material which is made to be both durable - can hold the phone's weight easily, and soft - will not scratch or harm the phone in any way.
  • 180° Degree variant angle - Place your phone, and adjust the angle as you see fit. the adjustable grip lets you move the phone 180°.