6.2EMT Extendable MINI Tripod

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Extandable MINO Tripod

All-in-One Innovation Design

The 6.2EMT tripod is among the first, Innovative integrated premium selfie stick tripod of the world, no wobble/tilt, can hold up heavy phone weight, keep your phone secure well. It is lightest, compact, and stable selfie stick tripod with non-slip footpad, just take it on the go to enjoy the experience.

Fast & Stable Bluetooth Remote Control

Compact selfie stick with detachable wireless remote. Capture good moments with friends and records family daily life; have a quick and stable Bluetooth connection, using any phone.


270 Degree rotation angle

The tripod's head can be rotated to the sides, and up/down up to an angle of 270 to the head, offering you the maximum flexibility, to film great videos and take photos at any circumstance.

Extendable & Lightweight Selfie Stick

6oz upgraded aluminum alloy selfie stick can extend the length of up to 0.7m(!) (2.3ft)