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Does the Case Empire guarantee its products?

Of course! We're 100% committed to making you happy. Each item is checked before it goes out the door to ensure you get the best!

And we do far more than that!

We are thrilled to introduce, our LIFETIME GUARANTEE

No small letters, no excuses, a case that comes with bed quality, will be replaced!

A case whose printing fades – will be replaces!

A case that breaks under normal use – will be replaced!

We are devoted to make you happy and your devices safe, so there are no compromises on the quality. We claim to have the best cases, both in the aspect of the material quality, and from the aspect of printing quality and so we stand by it with the LIFETIME GUARANTEE

While we make every effort to ensure your case arrives in perfect condition, and deformities are very rare, sometimes things could happen. If you discover a fault with the item(s) you have received, please take pictures of the defect and contact us right away. We will work with you to guarantee your satisfaction.

In Case of any problem please send us an email to:

In case of deformity of the item, misprint, or a wrongful item we will send another, fixed item to you free of charge. Should you wish to return your item(s), please make contact with us (preferably by mail) with the reason of return, as soon as possible from receiving your order (according to the delivery date on the tracking record, if applicable). Full refund is guaranteed for the reasons mention above.

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Return of customized items

Due to the nature of personalized products, returns cannot be accepted back, as the print is personal to each customer.

Once an order has been sent to production the design is final and you can no longer edit any details or cancel it. If the shipment details were incorrect, or you ordered the wrong phone model or made a mistake in the design, we will be unable to redo it as the items are sent to production very fast.

However, we can offer a replacement order free of charge, if there are any issues with the order, like manufacturing error, printing issues and such. In case a replacement order is arranged, there is no need to send the original order back to us. 

If you feel unsatisfied by the product and think it should be replaced please make sure to talk to us! If the problem is one of those listed above we will send a new product within a few days! Make sure to include pictures of the item for us to fully understand the problem. The best way is through our mail:


I didn't get anything!

Well, in that matter, there is nothing to worry, after your order has been placed, we are ready to work on it right away, and ship it as fast as possible!

Package loss during shipping is extremely unlikely but yet possible. In case the package has been lost, the first thing to do is to check whether the submitted address is 100% correct, even 1 missing letter/number can cause delivery failure.  If the address is correct, please make sure to contact the local post office. In our experience we occasionally see that upon arriving at the destination city, the package is stored at the local post office and the recipient has to collect the package from there.

After both of these measures have been completed, please reach out to our support team so we could figure out what happened. Rest assure, that you will receive a replacement if we determine that there was no error on your part.

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