This is what you should think about when choosing a phone case

This is what you should think about when choosing a phone case


Today, the phone case industry tries new things every day, there are those who make cases from silicon, some for plastic, others from wood, metal, or some combinations of those.

What Case Do I Need?

While some are made only because it looks good, others might claim that their case is 'tougher' or more durable. There are a lot of things to consider when you buy one for your phone for several reasons:

  1. The cost of your phone – we all know that buying a phone is an expansive business, I mean, if you would tell me years ago that I would be willing to pay 500$ (in the good case) for a telephone I wouldn't believe it. But then, it's not just a telephone, it's much more than that for many of us – whether a way to talk with loved once, or a tool you absolutely need for work.
So, with such importance, you have to think about the protection of this device of yours. You should consider what case provides more safety for your phone and which is more 'just for the looks'.

how to pick a phone case - new phone photo

Photo by Liam Shaw on Unsplash

  1. Your phone is an accessory – These days, much like our handbags, our phones are a must-have accessory. How many times have you been out with a group of friends and the moment you’re seated, phones are neatly set on the table — “just in case the kids call” you ashamedly apologize. Then, before you notice, you might start to talk about what phone you have and what is printed on it.

Just as what you wear and how you look is part of who you are, how your phone looks also have a part in this play.

how to choose a new case - Rose phone case

As of the style, you can go right now to our Case-Maker, and design a phone case however you see fit!

  1. It is a useful tool – getting in the car, raising your phone to mid-air, and POP – the magnets are close enough to put each other closer. You are in a bar, you talk about the game that was, about a subject you like or what-ever. Then comes the line "Hey you must see this video" – and the search for how to keep the phone standing still begins – or conversely the Grip ring is pulled out and you place in on the table right in the middle.

There are endless examples of the crazily innovative use of phone accessories – and they are a game-changer in your experience of using the phone. Cases with special features are also worth considering, or maybe just buying a gadget separately.


As you can see, you have some things to consider when getting a new case. Will it protect my phone? Will it look good? And also the case's functionality.

Phone cases - What are my choices?

The most important Criteria when it comes to the quality of the case is the case's material.

Let's see some examples:

  1. Silicone Cases

How to pick a phone case - silicon phone case

Thin Silicone cases are the lowest quality and provide little protection. They are made of petroleum and silicone compounds. (There are some cases which use silicon as an additional layer – and then it provides great damage absorption).

While not being that high quality, you can buy one for a very affordable price.

Since they are very popular, there is a wide variety of styles and colors. Silicone cases tend to be slightly sticky, so they are very easy to hold. That means fewer slips and drops. Unfortunately, their stickiness also means they can easily become dirty.


  1. Metal Cases

how to pick a case - metal phone case

Since many cellphones are made of metal, it makes sense to use a metal phone case for extra protection. Most often, aluminum is used for metal cellphone cases. These cases are super effective for protecting your phone from scratches and tumbles.

There are some drawbacks despite their strength. Metal phone cases can be slippery and difficult to hold. Also, these cases may block your cellphone signal and prevent wireless charging.


  1. Leather and Faux Leather Cases


Soft and durable, leather and faux leather are popular options for wallet cellphone cases. These cases have multiple compartments to hold your phone, cash, and credit cards. Leather and faux leather cases protect your phone from scratches and do provide good protection for the phone – from all sides mostly since they often come in a "wallet" style. They are easy to grip and hold so it is less likely to fall from your hand.


  1. Wooden cases –

There aren't many places who provide such cases, so while I can tell you such a thing exist, It really depends on the company and manufacturing process, and your own preference.


  1. polycarbonate Plastic Cases

How to choose a case for your phone - plastic case

The vast majority of cellphone cases are made of plastic. The most common plastic used in cellphone cases is polycarbonate, an extremely hard plastic. Another type of commonly used plastic is polyurethane, a plastic that can be hard or soft depending on how it is manufactured.

These cases depend heavily on the quality of manufacturing. The plastic could be softer, or harder, and other materials are added to the plastic to make it stronger. They are easy to grip, and come in an endless variety of shapes or colors, and sometimes with various accessories, like stands and rings on the.

The downside is that they may not effectively protect your phone. Keep in mind that some plastic cases are not accompanied by any cushioning material. Cushioning helps protect against impact. (think of it like that – when a force applied, something has to move, if the plastic is to hard the force will be distributed more equally on all the surface, instead of being absorbed).


  1. Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) Cases –

How to pick a phone case - Blast case PRO

Scary name, I know. But this really worth hearing about (less remembering)

TPU is referred to as the bridge between rubbers and plastics. The material appears rubber-like, which means it can be extremely flexible, durable and smooth to the touch.

And the result? Super durable material.

How so, you may ask? Here are some examples of where TPU is used:

  1. Aerospace - TPU allows the design of soft-touch and highly abrasion-resistant interiors parts such as armrests, electronics housings, and high touch surfaces.
  2. Automobile – some car components are made of TPU polymers, as they provide great durability.
  3. 3D printing – the more advanced 3D printers, use TPU as the printing material for creating sculptures, parts, and more because of it's long life cycle.

Many other industries use this material and for good reasons. It provides both a hard and durable surface, and a slightly flexible, damage absorbing structure.

While other materials might also be good for a case, TPU cases provide the best protection when manufactured reliably.


While we can't go through all the cases on earth, we can show you what types of materials we use here at Case Empire:

Blast Case Lite:

 how to pick a case - blast case

Uses Polycarbonate polymer

It is very light yet protective. Fits perfectly on your phone and doesn't take extra space at all, that's why this choice is for those who look for style while keeping their phone nicely protected.


Blast Case Pro:

 How to pick a phone case - Blast case PRO

Uses BOTH TPU and Polycarbonate fiber Plastic

Here is a good example of how a mixture of two types of materials creates a much better product than any of them separately could. This Case is made with a hard layer on the outside – a Polycarbonate that is hard and resistant, and a TPU polymer of the inside, which is also hard but also has rubbery flexibility. This allows the whole case as a whole absorbs much more damage, without damaging the phone.


Flip case:

How to pick a phone case - Flip case

Uses Faux Leather with elastic fastening

We also print one faux leather, which allows us to sell this fully customized, and super used useful flip cases. The Faux leather provides good protection with a nice and smooth feel and a very comfortable card & money slots inside the case.


Time To Decide!

To sum it all up, we can see there are a lot of options when it comes to your phone case and the choice must be yours, based on the amount of protection you expect to have, what style you want to have, and what extra functions you want your phone case to have.

If you want to know more about the types of cases the Case Empire has to offer you can check it out here.

Hope this guide helped you to get one or two steps closer to know what will be your next case!

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