5 Stay at hope must-have tech accessories during quarantine

5 Stay at hope must-have tech accessories during quarantine

5 Stay at home accessories you must know about

We have all found ourselves trapped between the 4 walls we call home for this recent time, and maybe much longer, as we don't even know what is going to happen next. Some think it's scary, others see it as an opportunity to do some new things they didn't have the time to before, maybe you even think it's a good time to just rest, binge 'how I met your mother' and nap.

In any case, there are many things to do at home and many obstacles we didn't even think of. one of the things that unites everyone now is that me, you and anybody else relying heavily on our phone. I'm not even saying it as a bad thing - We need it now more than even to stay connected to the world, talk to loved ones, to read, to watch things.. you name it..

For this occasion I made a list for you of 5 items that are the most helpful during this time, some for comfort and some out of a real necessity. Let's Jump into it:


portable mini phone holder

This one is a real game-changer. Small and compact phone holder which can get into your pocket or wallet, and can hold your phone still anywhere. A real must-have. 
You can use it on the table near the sofa in the living room, in the kitchen while preparing a meal, put it comfortably in front of you while video calling, or leave it standing while your training program is playing. The possibilities are endless, and while many other things can hold your phone still, the fact that you can carry it around in the pocket or wallet is the reason we call this tiny device a real game changer.
It also has a 180° Degree variant angle - you can Place your phone, and adjust the angle as you see fit. the adjustable grip lets you move the phone 180°.

2. Table wooden phone holder

Wooden table phone holder

A perfect addition to the living room or kitchen, where you want to keep the classic look without too much tech laying around, this wooden phone/tablet stand will have the wooden texture of your house, while helping you hold your phone and enjoying a movie, a video, a conversation, or music.

3. Flexible Table Stand Mount " Lazy holder"

Flexible phone holer

Unlike what the name suggest, it's not only for 'lazy' people, because this simple yet super useful device practically gives you and extra hand in the house.
Use this phone holder ANYWHERE to easily and worry-free hold your phone Stable while working, cooking, or just laying in bed, and enjoying a movie on your phone. all hands-free and with a full control on the position and angle of the phone.

4. mini phone projector

mini phone projector

Turn any surface into a full-size home theater of up to 220 inches! Huge image size for you to enjoy movies, tv shows, sports games or concerts.

Even if you don't have a TV in your room, you can create a magical movie night with this hand-sized mini projector and connect it to a phone, hard drive, laptop, game console, and practically anything else.


5. UV Phone sanitizer

Phone cleaning sterilization box

No one needs to tell you this - you know your phone is not the cleanest thing around you, facts are, it might even be the dirtiest, because we go everywhere with it (yes even to the..).

In fact, some researchers say it might hold up to 25,127 Bacteria per Square Inch. That's not clean, to say the least.

For this reason, you must consider the use of cleaning tools, and the UV Sterilizer box is the best of them all. We know you don't want to use water or other liquids on our electronics, as a matter of fact you shouldn't do that. Other solutions might be one-time cotton swipes, which pollute the environment.

The UV Sterilizer is used in many professional labs and hospitals to make sure the equipment and clothes the staff wear are clean from viruses and bacteria. This genius invention makes our world safer for a long time, and now, for the first time, it is available for convenient, safe home use.

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