5 Breathtaking Case Designs You Must Know About

5 Breathtaking Case Designs You Must Know About

The boring, simple phone cases some of us got used to are a thing of the past – behold, the next best thing in phone cases

"Art is in the eye of the beholder" -E.A. Bucchianeri

What phone case do you have now? Is it a colorful one? Maybe the 'super tough' cases which are supposed to protect your phone from falling from space? Or maybe you haven't even thought about it and have no case at all?

In any case – I am certain in one thing – you will find here at least one idea you will absolutely love.

The major new, and may I say – revolutionary thing that came and changed this market, is the printing technology –with massive hit, and surgical accuracy, we can print on the surface of a truly hard case – one that is not only a nice looking piece of plastic, but also provides protection and passes the test of time. This is what makes the difference.


Why Should You Have A Unique Phone Case?

You might be ok with the regular, clear phone case or not have one at all. Not saying that there is only one right thing to do, but there are things to you can consider, and if you agree with some of them, you might as well treat yourself with an upgrade.

Protection - Protection is the most important part of all of this - your phone might cost somewhere around 300$ - 1000$, investing some extra bucks to keep it safe should be a logical and sound investment to make.

Comfort - Not all, but many cases are designed with comfort of use in mind, most phones are made from aluminum or plastic, which is slippery and not always comfortable to use. Having a phone case on, is a good way to deal with it, a TPU phone cover is much more comfortable to hold and is less slippery. 

Fashion - Fashion changes like nothing else, but some things are timeless - you don't have to treat your phone like another device you have, but as a fashion accessory, you pull out and Know it will be noticed.

Love -Your family and friends must be one of the most important things in your life, you can make a unique design with a photo you love, this can turn the mobile device into a powerful anchor, reminding you that you are not alone.

Leave Your Mark- When somebody calls your name, you know he is referring to you. And it's not just the name - You are unique - what you love and what you don't, your hobbies, your vocation. Our phones are with us night and day, making them look unique is a great way to show up your unique spark.


Alright now, enough talking, let's get right into it!

5 Case Designs That Will Take Your Breath Away


Tell your story to the world

5 phone cases that will take your breath away - 1

This one is for those who go out there and dare to catch the really important moments of life. If you had this moment, where you know that your mind will leave a photo of it as a memory.. you know - the old-school type of photos we had, before cameras, then you are lucky. And if you have such a moment caught as a photo - Make sure to make those moments count!

 See how to make it in this guide


Marble Monogram

5 phone cases that will take your breath away - 2

As clean and beautiful as it gets - a marble design, with a golden initial. A beautiful way to make the phone into a beautiful accessory, which can fit any style – you can find many styles and colors of marble and also different fonts, and make your case fit just your style and one of a kind!

 See how to make it in this guide


The Family Photo

5 phone cases that will take your breath away - 3

Take out this beautiful photo of your loved ones, the one where you all smile, and somehow makes you forget you even have worries in this world. You can print it on the phone case, and it will not only be unique and beautiful, it will also be an amazing reminder for you, of what is really important in this world, and it will always be there.

 See how to make it in this guide


Your Pet – On your case

5 phone cases that will take your breath away - 4

Are you a cat person or a dog person? Even if you're a hedgehog person (is that a thing?) you probably love your pet as much as you love yourself. Why not make a cool phone cover out of the super-extra cute photo you have of him or her? You can play around, add extra effects and other decorations, like the one in the photo, this is also up to you, so make your uniqueness shine.

 See how to make it in this guide


Flowers Monogram

5 phone cases that will take your breath away - 5

Shiny, clean, beautiful. This is the kind of stuff that makes people say 'WOW' when they see it.

 See how to make it in this guide



Creating Your Own Case

How and Where Can I Make My Own Case?

After looking at those beautiful designs, I'm sure you must wonder how can you have you yourself, truth is, it is really easy.

There are several places you can do that in the web, but you should make it in the Case Empire.Here is why:

Quality - The cases are Made from Polycarbonate materials, this case is both lightweight and durable. It can absorb the shock of a fall better than most silicon, wood, cheaper plastic, or even metal would while creating barely no extra bulkiness.

Made For Life - Case Empire offers LIFETIME GUARANTEE for the cases. Meaning you get the best quality with nothing to worry about - if something is wrong, you can contact the support team and you will get help.

All The Stuff You Can Do - When it comes to designing the case, you have lots and lots of options to choose from, many stickers, effects, fonts, and backgrounds. It allows you to make your case really your own.

5-Stars Support - You can always ask for help if you need it, and receive good and reliable one. Most of the time you won't need it, but this is the very difference between an ok company and a good one.

Shipping - Shipping is free to most places, like US. UK, Europe, Australia and more. And also very fast, no more than 10 days, anywhere in the world, mostly much less.


Make It Happen

Come on now, you have come this far, you might as well go and create one now!

Creating such a phone case for yourself has never been easier - you can do that using the Case Empire's CASE-MAKER -

Try the CASE-MAKER yourself

If you need some more inspiration, you can also see the bunch of videos in the blog RIGHT HERE - there is a new video every week so there is no way you will not find a good idea there.





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